Your business needs to make more money. This is a given but let’s discuss. Your business has a great service or product that it is selling, but it’s like crickets, because very little is happening in terms of new inquiries and sales, and this has go to change. Or else, the next thing you know, you’r having a fire sale to cut your losses and close up shop.

You wan your business to be the smart, cool kid in your industry. You wan tot have exciting things to say about new happenings in your industry or whatever else is on you and your team’s mind. But, you don’t want to sound like a monotone parrot, because who actually looks forward to listening to a parrot? Nobody. So, you want your services or products to sound like ‘got to have it’, your blog posts to be shared, and your web traffic to look like Mount Everest. Fair enough?


You don’t want to be another “me too” type of business. Let’s face it, no matter who or what your business services or sells, there are at least a million other businesses doing something similar. The way to get around this is to OWN your brand. Think Apple. Think Beyonce. Think Disney World. Because they get it.

The truth is, the statistics for small businesses failing are staggering.

But you know this already.

The thing is though’ most businesses are only 3-feet from gold meaning they are not too far from being (more) profitable.

When businesses find themselves in a pickle (i.e. it is literally do-or-die), there is more than likely something off-track or broken in the approach they are using to build and grow their brand.

The good news is that there is a way to find and fix this problem, so in turn, you can increase your customer base and add more zero’s to your bottom line A.S.A.P.

The bad news is that your business will become a statistic if you choose to keep doing what you are currently doing.

Here’s a better solution.


Look at who we have worked with:


And there’s more:


I just have to take a moment to brag on Nicole K. Lundy. She has helped me to streamline my product offerings into a package that feels most authentic to me. This absolutely helped me to generate 5 new program enrollees, all within days of me working with Nicole. You can only WIN by being in a mastermind or coaching with her. I’m so grateful for her. She’s one bad mutha…:D

Brandy Butler –



This woman rocked my world this weekend. Unbelievable! You’ll see some changes to my brand and personal brand over the next several weeks. Nicole K. Lundy is the real deal. My clients and I will never be the same.

Angella Johnson –



I wanted to position my brand to dominate my market and I knew Nicole was the only one to take me there.  In the first month of working with Nicole,  I  became hungry to get this done, had events lined up and  a plan for the next 3 months.

Sylvia Brownlee –



Working with Nicole has truly been a life changing experience.  She has not only helped me set attainable goals but, helped me strategically develop a plan to accomplish them as well.  One major improvement that I have experienced in my business is my ability take action even when I don’t feel like.  After experiencing a Nicole’s one-on-one coaching I received a lot of clarity as to why I didn’t “feel” like implementing some of the things that we’ve discussed in our session.  I then realized that I was only hurting myself and in order for things to change I had to “DO”.  This meant I had to set some of those time eating tasks aside and work on my business.

MJ Allen –



I was frustrated with myself and my lack of clarity. I wanted to own my message and get crystal clear and I knew Nicole was the only one to take me there- why Nicole? CAUSE I DID research and nobody is as clear as Nicole is in her own skin and business! I saw her energy and I wanted to live like that in all areas-not just my biz.

Dr. Sarah Peters –



I knew I had to hire Nicole as my Brand Strategist because she is a “stand out” person! The first time I saw her, she was so… obvious! She was definitely the RED in a sea of beige!!! I knew that if she was willing to BE THAT herself, she could teach me how to be that as well. I wanted to position myself and my brand to dominate my market and I knew Nicole was the only one to take me there.  In the first month of working with Nicole I got clear on what I offer and how to express it plainly, developed my first paid coaching program, and had my first PROFITABLE month!!! As a result of working with Nicole I know who I am, what I have to offer, and that I am worth every penny that my clients invest to work with me! I LOVE Nicole K. Lundy!!! She is a BEAST!!! 

Eboni Truss –

So there you have it: an opportunity to put (more) money in the bank.

But enough from us. Now it’s your turn.

Get started and reserve your brand analysis today.