I know why you’re here. You want to…

  • Build a brand that’s fun-filled with your personality so that you attract clients that feel more like your best friends from college rather than that weird guy from those State Farm commercials.
  • Create juicy programs and products that make sense, as in, it combines your magic and expertise so perfectly that it basically melts off your tongue like hot butter when you’re talking to prospects.
  • Design a practical marketing plan that gets your business in front of the people who are already looking for you. Some of my clients call this their win-win plan.
  • Get your bank account to look legit. Need I say more?

Let’s be clear.

I’ve been in your shoes and I know how frustrating and annoying it is to work around the clock on building your brand and growing your business but going absolutely nowhere.

Not too long ago, circa 2009, I was ordered to go on disability for severe anxiety and depression from my financial analyst job at Dow Jones.

At the Walgreens pharmacy drive-thru waiting to fill my prescriptions, it really hit me.  Here I am, 24 years old getting pills to fix my decision to follow somebody else’s idea of success.


Right then and there, I made a clear decision to take control of my life and become the very thing I wanted to be since I was an 11-year old big head kid working for my parents…a business owner.

(Because nobody said ‘entrepreneur’ in the 90’s)

So, then I got out of the drive-thru line, floored the gas pedal and screeched out of the parking lot.

Exhilarating? Yes. But, now it was time to get to work.

My first order of action was to create some sort of plan.  (I honestly can’t help it, I’m a Virgo)

So, on the way home, I made a quick stop at Staples to get a notebook, a few highlighters and a pack of pens.

It was going down.

…and that night, my beauty consulting business was born.

I named her, ne’lani beauty.

Little did I know, creating the plan would be the easiest part of this new venture.

Here’s what I quickly realized.

In New York City, arguably the fashion capital of the world, competition was stiff in the beauty world.

And here I was, fresh out of the dungeons of Wall Street, where all I knew was the arduous culture of the Finance world, with my makeup certification in hand, naively expecting clients to just bust thru my website door and hire me.

Yip, that only happened in the plan I wrote in my notebook…not in reality.

So, then it quickly became a decision of sink or swim.

Sink? Continue to wish that ‘tomorrow’ would be the lucky day that 100 people will email me asking to hire me. And when this keeps not happening, begrudgingly be forced to go back to a 9-5. Yikes.

Swim? Differentiate my beauty consulting biz from every other business in New York City to get my business the attention it needed to get clients, even as the new kid on the block.

I’m sure you figured out which decision I made.


Little did I know at that time that what I was doing was called ‘Branding’.

In my mind, I was implementing do-or-die tactics to stay in business.

Because, I was so traumatized from being in Corporate America that I was determined to make this whole business owner thing work.

So, the good news is this. I survived, I grew and I became a MASTER at branding.

I got my beauty consulting biz featured on major media outlets such as MSNBC, eHow.com and Huffington Post.

I pitched a talk about ‘beauty’ and got booked to speak at several women conferences.

I was featured in a HarperCollins book.

Get this! One day, I got a college brochure in the mail and had the idea to pitch a class on beauty to the Program Director at two colleges in New Jersey.

Yip, you guessed it, they both loved my proposal to teach ‘Master your Makeup’ and I enthusiastically added Adjunct Professor to my list of experiences.

The point of me telling you this is because I want you to see for yourself that just because you’re new to business or been in business awhile but not getting the results you want, you can still strategically disrupt the norm of how business is done in your market, get massive attention to attract clients and opportunities and build a brand that makes bank.

When I started, I followed the formula and the shit DID.NOT.WORK. because it was cookie-cutter, safe and plain ole’ vanilla.

In fact, I was boring myself with my own business and not making enough money to stay in business. Double-trouble.

I decided to hell with these formulas and rules for building a brand and growing a business.

I got my chainsaw tore up everything mentally and physically, and said I just have to be me to keep going.

My entire life changed that week.

Immediately, I got emails from 3 people asking to work with me (what!?) and 4 requests to be interviewed.

I hadn’t even touched the surface yet of embracing my real brand and exciting things were already happening.

I have tons of lessons and stories to share with you that I’ll put in a book soon, but that brings us to why you’re here.

To Build a Brand that Makes Bank

You want a brand that stands out distinctly from every other business in your marketplace,

You want a brand that generates massive attention.

You want a brand that creates a waiting list of clients that only want to work with you.

You want the opportunity to deliver so much value that now taking long romantic walks to the bank is your reality.

Well, here’s the deal.

Branding is at the core of your success in building a business that makes money, and you need to play a BIG game to make it happen.

So will you do me a favor? Stop delaying your success, and for the love of cheddar cheese, stop building your brand the hard way.

And take this important first step.